2022 Holiday Property guidance

The Force Club have 3 Holiday properties available for Force Club members to book from Tuesday 11th January 2022 at midday

The holiday properties are:



Following an initial 2 week period we will then accept bookings from all members on the 25th January 2022 from 10:00am. Please note – Any member that has been lucky enough to book the school holidays in 2020/21 will not be eligible to book these dates for 2022.


We have over 3000 Force club members and we need to be fair to all our members- We have set some rules for 2022 booking system – the booking system will be managed by the Force club staff. And due to the high numbers of members that wish to book, there is obviously many members that have never been able to book particularly in The School Holiday Period.


In that case the Force Club has introduced a filtering system so any Members who booked last year for the Ruda Caravan or Cheddar Lodge will not be able to book any of the above accommodation over the School Holidays next year.


A short summary of the reasoning behind some of the Clubs Rules

As a Club we are learning every year from the experiences we have gained due to the various challenges we have faced.

Firstly you are all members of the Club and I would like to think you have a responsibility in using the facilities the Club provides in order for other Club members to enjoy please remember you only pay £2 a month membership and without this and the Lottery, members would not enjoy the facilities and subsidies that the Club Provides.


Please be aware that on many of the bookings, club members are receiving a huge discount compared to Members of the Public sometimes in excess of £600 difference, so please take this in to consideration, particularly as The Club is trying to make these holidays as cheap as we can for you.


We have also had a series of breakages and damage to all our facilities and it has been a rare occurrence if a member admits to the damage. We ask all members to make The Club aware of any Breakages and damage, firstly we just need to know so we can fix it for the next member going in to the caravan or lodge, and it is likely that the Force Club will not always look to redeem the cost of the Item damaged obviously depending on the severity.


We also do not need to made aware of a smelly bin, or a dusty shelf, we would like to think if the member going in they would undertake a quick clean so it fits with their standards.


We are a Very small team and the more time spent on the above will eventually cause the Club to not purchase further facilities. Which we do not want to do.


We know that majority of members clearly understand the rules and we recognise this, as usual it is often the minority that make this project challenging.


The Rules

  • Any booking that come in before the date and time we have set the booking system to live will be rejected.
  • Any one that has booked any of the School holidays in previous years will not be able to book them for 2022 and if this is attempted it will be rejected.
  • The booking system will only be excepting bookings in the first two weeks of the site going live for the members that have not had a booking in 2021 – once the two week period is up then you will be able to book .
  • The booking and any payment made into the Force Club account must be in the name of the person who has booked.
  • If the Caravans or Lodge is left in a poor order and this impacts on the next member using the facility then we will serious consider keeping an Excess.
  • If there is serious damage to the Caravans or Lodge and it has been identified that it would have occurred during your stay then again there will be serious consideration of keeping any Excess.
  • If the member is completely honest with the Force Club re areas 5 and 6 then this will be taken as positive when considering payment for damage or loss of excess.