About the club

established since 1974

The Avon & Somerset Force Club has been established since 1974 with over 4000 members

Years ago, the main function of the Force Club was to provide support to sporting sections who represented the Force in both local and national competitions. The other main function was running the licensed premises at Police HQ.

In 2003 the licensed premises at Police HQ were closed and the way the Force Club was managed was fundamentally changed.

The Force Club Manager is Patsy Steadman, supported by an Executive Committee of  Chief Constable Andy Marsh (Chair), Tony Bush (Secretary), Matt Lonsdale (Assistant Treasurer), Sam Strong (Sports Representative)

Jacqui Elmer and Wendy Fortune provide the website and administrative support

The Executive Committee recognises that the Force Club needs to provide a great array of services that reach all of its members.

Services provided by the Club continues with regards to sporting sections and also provides a variety of leisure activities for all members.


Support for over 20 sporting sections

including basketball, diving, fishing, scuba diving, choir, bowls.

Discounts on high street goods, brand names and holidays

Through the reward gateway you could save you and your family hundreds of pounds.


Including t-shirts, Bristol Blue, and Police/Staff Warrant Cards.

Club lottery

We also have a Force Club Lottery which is drawn weekly with four prizes. You can join this for 50p per week (£2.16 per month).

Holiday home

We have a Force Club holiday home at the Ruda Parkdean Resort, Croyde. Costing typically 50% less than a similar property in the location at any time of the year.

Club trips

We run trips in the UK as well as abroad, such as skiing.


What happens if I leave the force?

If you leave the Force your membership will automatically cease once your salary stops being paid.

WHAT HAPPENS if I retire?

If you retire, unless you request otherwise, your membership and if relevant, Lottery, will automatically continue and be deducted from your Pension.

What if I retire and rejoin?

If you retire and then re-join you will need to make us aware to enable us to add you onto the internal mailing list.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your Force Club membership, Lottery or Gym Membership you will need to do so before the 6th of each month – failure to do so will result in a further months money being paid.

how much is membership?

£2 per month Membership for a minimum of 12 months – this amount will be deducted by County Hall from your salary or Pension. This will show on your payslip as ‘ASCC £2’.

about our deals and benefits

Avon and Somerset Constabulary Force Club offer exclusive benefits negotiated for you by the Force Club and our network of UK police clubs. These are available every day for you and your family. We will also make you aware of some worthy generic internet offers as we don’t want you to miss out on these, but mostly our benefits are only available to a restricted group of membership clubs. For your small subscription, you should easily be able to recoup that not only once but several times over if you are careful about how you shop and spend your hard-earned cash.

As a club member, you can claim any of these benefits by either quoting the discount code or by showing some evidence to prove your membership. Staff ID cards should not be shown, * because discounts are negotiated on your behalf as a police sports and social club member and NOT because you are employed by Avon and Somerset Constabulary. The force integrity policy prohibits staff from accepting benefits or discounts for this reason.

All members should be receiving club updates by email, which includes news on the latest member benefits. If you are not getting these, please inform the administrator and you will be added to the distribution list.

IMPORTANT – In order to maintain the integrity of our benefits, please do not divulge any codes shown to any person that is not a paying member of our club. After all why would you want to if they are not subscribing and you are?

The club carries out audit checks with our partners to verify that only paying members are claiming benefits and discounts. If you are aware of any person wrongly claiming benefits or discounts, please let the club know in confidence.

*Some partners offer deals to serving staff only and they ask for proof of employment. If they will only accept a work ID then please show the Force Club card with it and tell them that the discount is accepted by staff on behalf of the Force Club and not because of your association with Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

Please tell us where this occurs and we can go back to company.

general club information

The club is open to all existing employees and pensioners

Don’t miss out on the great deals, join today.