Force Club VW Camper Van

about the CAMPER VAN

The Camper Van is a 4 Birth Van, with sleeping room in the pop-up roof. (2 Adults and 2 Small Children or 3 Adults)

The Camper Van is fitted out with all the normal household amenities.

You need to be comfortable in driving an Automatic Van, which does have some challenges if you have not driven this type of vehicle before.

The interior of this van is high spec and will require users to be very thoughtful when using the van as any damage caused will need to be paid for by the hirer and will be taken from the deposit /Bond.

If you have not used a Camper before there is limited space and you have to plan your trip and only travel with essentials.



Sleeps 3-4 people

The camper van can sleep two adults with two small children or three adults.

Pop-up awning

The Van contains a pop-up awning which will assist with room whilst on the camp site. Please remember this will be an extra charge at most campsites.


Park the campervan anywhere you are legally allowed, just remember it is not to be taken abroad.

Home away from home

The Camper Van is fitted out with all the normal household amenities

Other features

The Van has a Tow Bar, if you wish to take a trailer you will need to find your own insurance. Inside the Van space is limited, so there will be no room inside the Camper Van for surf boards or Kayaks , there are no roof bars fitted to the Camper Van ( you could hire if you wish ) .

What's nearby

Wherever you decide to go determines what's nearby! of course, that's one of the benefits the camper van gives you.



Below are the main conditions of hire. However please read the full terms and conditions of booking.

  • There Will Be a Rental Agreement in Force with the Hirer.
  • The Camper Van is PET free ( NO PETS ALLOWED )
  • The Keys Will Be Returned Face-To-Face or In a Drop Box
  • A Vehicle Inspection Carried Out With the Hirer Present
  • A Cleared and Traceable Deposit Is Taken From Hirers
  • A Copy Driving Licence Is Taken and Kept
  • A Copy of Photo ID Taken and Kept
  • A DVLA licence check is completed by the Force Club and a copy is kept
  • A Copy of 2 utility bill proofs of address are taken and kept
  • The Camper Van will not be able to be hired for any trips abroad.
  • Must be over the age of 27 years and under 75 years

availability and booking

Booking is open to members only and can be accessed from the Club’s Reward Gateway Website.