Coarse Angling Section

general membership information

We are a small group mainly match anglers that fish inter-force competitions from Birmingham to Dorset. Including friendly matches against civilian clubs.

The match section tries to encourage non-match men to come along so they can try different venues and styles of fishing.

The force club subsidise us by paying the annual rent on about 2 miles of the Somerset Frome at Farleigh Hungerford. This is a small river that generally fishes better from October to March.  Quite often you will have the river to yourself.  There is 3 access points.  The main one allows access by car to the first 12 pegs via a gravelled track which you park on leaving walks of only a few yards.

The fishing is varied form shallow pegs to 6 ft. deep.  Pike to 10lbs, perch to 3lbs, chub to 4.5 lbs and there are a few bream to 7lbs and the odd barbell to 5 lbs.  The river is full of roach up to 2lbs.  We are a member of the Bristol & West of England Anglers which means included in your club tab fishing the Bristol Avon from Swineford to Londonderry Farm below Keynsham, about 3 miles of river.

How to join

To obtain a tab to fish and any further information contact Rob Gibbs: [email protected]