….. the Karate Club is looking for new members. It’s open to both staff and officers of all ages and all fitness abilities. Practice is held on Tuesday evenings in the HQ Sports Hall, 5.30-7.30pm. Contact Kathryn Thorpe (Fifth Dan: 07921 089648) for more details.

If you are interested in practicing with this group then please contact Kathryn Thorpe – [email protected] and you can start any week which suits you.

No previous experience or fitness level required. Likewise, if you have previously practiced a martial art you are also welcome.

We are happy for you to come along for a few weeks to see what you think before deciding to join and buy your Gi. If you would like to join then we will need to ensure you are a member of the Force Club before you complete a Kaizen membership form. Kaizen membership is £25/month (first two weeks free trial) which includes all classes, insurance and regional day courses. There are extra charges for weekend courses (i.e. travel / accommodation) should you wish to attend.

The Kaizen Karate group was established in the summer of 2012. Practice takes place 17:30-19:30 every Tuesday in the sports hall at Police HQ.

Each practice starts with 30 minutes of yoga before developing the skills required to practice the art of Shotokai karate – stances, attacks, kata and much more.

In the classical context, Martial arts were not seen just as a means of defending oneself, but as a means of living a challenging, healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Within our practice we have re-engaged these principles and offer these learnings.

We stay true to the original principles, whilst using contemporary understanding and teaching to constantly challenge, embody and develop our Art.

The Avon and Somerset practice is part of a number of South West Kaizen Groups:

• Gloucestershire Police HQ
• Charfield
• Forest of Dean

The groups are part of the National Kaizen Organisation which enables members to meet for courses locally and across the UK. Those who practice pay monthly subscriptions to the club to cover insurance and subsidise members going to national courses etc.

The Avon and Somerset practice is taken by Kathryn Thorpe who is a 5th Dan with over 18 years’ experience. Practice in the South West is overseen by Adrian Baker, 5th Dan master, Technical Director of Kaizen international organisation with 40 years’ experience.