Sea Angling

general membership information

We are a small friendly group of sea anglers taking advantage of arguably the best fishing coast in the UK. With a huge tidal range we have a large selection of species to catch and some stunning beaches to fish from. We travel from the two bridges down to Porlock and all the venues in between. Once a year we compete in a regional and national competition. The nationals have taken us to Northern Ireland, Scotland, the North East, East Anglia and the South Coast.

The boat anglers also fish these rich waters, from our local harbours at Minehead and Watchet. Record species can be caught from the boat and the Bristol Channel holds several national records for the largest uk species. They also travel to regional and national competitions.

Come and join us, we are keen to meet new people and believe me when you have caught your first large fish from the Bristol Channel you will be hooked for life. Fresh air, good company and the chance of a fish, that has to be good for body and soul.

How to join

If the Sea Angling section has attracted your attention, take the next step and drop us a line.(excuse pun) We would love to hear from you.

Contact Pete Moseley.  [email protected]