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To start with a massive thank you for turning out in numbers to our little regional was great to see everyone and appreciated. Meds I see you did very nicely in your cod comp congrats. There were fish in the sea at Budleigh Salterton as requested although some of us found them harder to find then others however the species was varied with:

Whiting = 37,

Pouting = 70,

dog fish = 43,

congers = 2,

smelt = 1,

plaice = 3,

rocklings = 4,

Pollack = 1,

Flounder = 2,

Total 163 fish landed and released so not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Team results :

 1ST = A&S  = 430 POINTS




5TH = D&C = 65 POINTS

6TH A&S B  = 35 POINTS

Individual Results:

1st – Andy Madsen (A&S) – 240 Points

2nd – Ian Fryett (Dorset A) – 130 points

3rd – Roger Tolley (A&S) – 115 points

4th – James L (Dorset A) – 80 Points

5th – J. OXBOROUGH (Dorset A ) – 75 Points

6th – Chris Wilson (DORSET B) – 65 Points

7th – P. Hocking ( A&S ) – 50 Points

8th – Tony Gibson (Dorset B) – 45 Points – 5 species

          Martin Case (Dorset A ) – 45 Points = 2 species

9th Stu Cooper (Dorset B) – 40 Points = 4 species

      Andy Llewellyn ( D&C) – 40 Points = 3 species

      A Tucker (Wilts) – 40 points = 3 species

10th Clive Dunster ( A&S ) – 35 points

11th M. Giles (Wilts)  – 30 Points

12th Pete M (A&S) – 25 Points

13th  Aaron Dey (DORSET B) -20 Points = 2 species

          Nik Mortimore (D&C) – 20 Points = 1 species

14th Mike Mansell (Wiltshire) – 10 points

15th Stu Heavens ( D&C) – 5 points


Look forward to seeing you all at the Nationals,

Tight lines

Team D&C


Providing Sea Angling recreation and competition to club members and represent the Force in all open, PSUK, regional and national championships both Shore and Boat angling.

The PSUK Regional shore angling event was organised by Glos police at Blue Anchor beach in November 2017. Avon and Somerset won both team and individual events. The team won by a clear 70 points and Andy Madsen beat all comers to win the individual award.
Team members are Roger Tolley, Clive Dunster, Paul Hocking and Andy Madsen.

The PSUK national championships were organised by Norfolk Police and held in North Norfolk in November 2017. Avon and Somerset acquitted themselves well with Gareth Davies gaining joint 9th place and the force team a very well deserved 10th. The fishing was hectic in some areas and slower in others, Gareth caught 60 fish in his zone and only managed 4th place in the night event, the day event was slower and more skilful fishing which helped the team to be in the top ten in the uk.

Gareth Davies with a typical Irish flounder at the 2016 PSUK National shore championships.


1. Clive Dunster 2016 Regional shore champion.
2. Alan Scholes and Clive 2016 Regional shore team winners.
3. Andy Madsen 2nd place 2016 Regional shore.



All boat competitions completed successfully. National boat team in top 10 and Tim Poat 2nd also 2nd in British Police v combined services match.

The shore team had success in the national shore comp with Roger TOLLEY 9th overall and D Stevens 17th from 144 anglers, 2nd in Regional shore and RT was the top cop in the British Police team. The force team members also won numerous awards in local comps. with RT winning the force shore comp at Chesil beach. We have a new member of the shore team who is very committed and reliable. Team confidence and skill has grown due to members regular shore fishing trips and comps.